Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Katie Couric Thoughts.

Come, now. Can we do better than "Perky" to anchor the CBS Evening News?

I thought so, until waking up this afternoon (sorry) for the news that Katie Couric (once described as "perky," but probably best described today as a mannish-looking woman with a woman's voice) is joining CBS to anchor the evening news broadcast beginning in May.

Gosh. I'm not sure who the loser is, here? What do you think?

CNN, as I've pointed out elsewhere, has the most capable stable of anchors and reporters for anyone interested in real news coverage. I just can't wait from them to stop feeding us the "Situation Room" sense of urgency, and Paula Zahn.

That's all! I'm on vacation, God Damn It!

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Kankakee Voice said...

I tried, I really tried, I wrote letters praising Scheiffer. I wrote letters saying everytime I see Couric all I could think of was her asshole. Sorry - it's the truth. Not to mention she's such a lite weight as an evening anchor. I won't be watching CBS news once Couric takes the anchor seat. Zahn's gotta go too.

Where are the lean and mean, up and coming young (female) turks? Anyone know any?