Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Real Speaker of the House.

This Miami Herald article on Jack Abramoff's alleged mob ties actually correctly names the House Speaker. First time I've seen that in a major daily.

You'll recall Denny Hastert's "late payment" to Abramoff for dining accommodations at a fundraiser at his Signature's Restaurant in D.C. Also, know that as long as Hastert is the "Speaker" he's going to be close to DeLay's "associates."

Also note in the BW article the fact that Hastert's multi-million-dollar "press crew" initially refused to disclose the sum owed. After someone noticed the obvious mob attitude ("It's none of your business!") the "lunch" tab, which reportedly earned Hastert's PAC more than $20,000, it was announced, was a mere $1,100. Nice take, boys.

Four Hastert-sized questions underlie all of this Hastert-Abramoff mess:
    • How long will it take Denny Hastert to disassociate himself with criminals?
    • Why do Hastert and his minions insist that this information is somehow private?
    • What exactly is he hiding, if anything?
    • When will Denny Hastert allow the Standards Committee to open an ethics investigation?
Thanks to B for the link.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Denny, do

"We need to get the ethics committee up and running"?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

The Inside Dope said...

Hastert needs somebody breathing down his neck... if they could find it.