Thursday, November 10, 2005

Brownie Finally Off the Public Dole.

CNN reports this morning that failed former FEMA head, Mike Brown, is finally off the federal payroll after his two month stint as a "consultant" has run out.

Brown's $148,000 annual salary and benefits never stopped, even though he resigned under a maelstrom of public outrage over his handling of Hurrican Katrina relief.

While Denny Hastert and his wrecking crew are searching for $Billions$ of your money to cut from federal programs that help the poor, elderly and the uninsured, they might consider the tab run up under Brown.

Let's start with the $100 Million in ice shipments that never made it anywhere.

And don't forget the billions in no-bid contracts that employ only a small percentage of local workers, and just above minimum wage. Who cares about the $1.2 billion no-bids recalled?

What we could use here is a new branch of government... One that maybe could provide some sort of, what's the word... Oversight.

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